Reiki (Ray-kee) is the pure life force that sustains all living things. Our life force can lower depending on our emotions, negative thoughts, life events, media, stressful environments, substance abuse, unhealthy relationships, and environmental toxins. 

Reiki helps to balance your body, down to the cellular level, to bring homeostasis back to your physical and emotional body. It has been used to help heal major and minor illnesses as it goes directly where it is needed the most. It leaves you feeling completely relaxed, peaceful, while increasing your body's vibration so that it can more easily heal on it's own as nature intended. 

A Reiki session is laying on a Reiki table, just like a massage table, while fully clothed. You simply lay, relax, and let the Reiki energy flow around you. 

If it is difficult due to a busy schedule to do in-person sessions, distant Reiki is equally as powerful and you can go about your day while I send you Reiki energy; it's like wireless internet or radio waves, I am able to communicate with you near or far.

Bring this incredible gift to your body, mind & spirit now!

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