Create Your Dream Birth & Surrender

Birth... the first, second, or beyond, what does it mean to you? What do you envision it to look like? What fears do you have surrounded around the word birth? Do you feel like your birth experience is in your control or that it is something that happens to you? 

Here I sit at 33 weeks, realizing that in the near future, I will be faced for the second time witha birth experience. Only this time, I have one experience I was able to learn from. When I was pregnant with my first son, I envisioned birth to be out of my control, I figured medical staff would guide me along and I wouldn't really need to prepare. I remember my midwives asking me about a birth plan, about breastfeeding, and I didn't think too much of it. I thought I'd know exactly what to do and I wouldn't need any help. What's the big deal? I've heard it's painful, you scream and swear a lot. Okay, bring it on, I'll deal with it as it comes. 

What no one emphasized to me was that my body did know exactly what to do, that women's bodies have always known what to do and so does the baby.  However, that requires being in tune with your body, trusting your body, empowering yourself, and surrendering mentally. 

By the time a woman has her first baby,  she has been bombarded with birth stories from an early age. Whether from movies, shows, family experiences, the news, social media or even from overhearing random discussions. All of that information, whether positive or negative, is stored within us. Our body stores all the information it encounters, whether we consciously or subconsciously remember it. Our body stores our own birth experience from our mother's womb. Our body stores all the emotions that we felt. These all shape our perception of birth. These all shape how our body responds to birth. So, how do we clear all this information from ourself so we can have the birth experience WE want? It really is simple. We acknowledge the information, cleanse our cells of that stored information, and we release. 

In 2015 I was blessed to study Sacred Childbirth with Reiki and it was life changing. My teacher/mentor showed a small group of us women how to release our own birth experiences and life traumas and then taught us how to do it for others using a unique system while incorporating Reiki. 

So what is Sacred Childbirth with Reiki? When I work with someone during a Sacred Childbirth with Reiki session, I begin the session with Reiki, allowing the mother to enter into a peaceful state, just as you would a massage or during meditation. I then help the mother to work through any past pregnancies she has had. This process works whether you are a first time mom or not as I work through any and all emotions, thoughts, fears, or guilt that come with your life, prenatal experience, birth, and after birth. The mother is the guide, I simply follow and help her to release. Now space has been made for new information. After all experiences are at peace, including your own birth, I then help the mother (and partner is always welcome), to create the birth experience she wants, empowering her body to do exactly what it knows how to do comfortably and confidently. The birth she desires is stored in her body's cells. Just as our bodies store all information, it can also store information we want to utilize in our future, we just have to store it there first! Therefore, Sacred Childbirth with Reiki is not done while your giving birth, you have already done the work, you have it to utilize when going through labor and delivery.

I want you or your loved one to have an amazing birth experience, to know that your body knows exactly what to do, that your baby knows what to do, and to surrender, release, and allow it the space to do so.

Please contact me with any further questions you may have. I wish all women a beautiful experience!  

Mothers Mantra

I AM Mother

I AM the beloved mother of my child

I AM the source of comfort, nourishment, and unconditional love

I AM the sun that radiates love upon and shields him/her from anything but love

I AM an empowered being whom has been gifted the ultimate blessing of life

I AM the advocate, the protector, I AM

I AM the creator, the womb, the DIVINE Mothering Love

I shine my DIVINE light unto my child and unto all the Universe, touching all hearts through time and space

I shine my loving compassion for this cherished blessing I hold

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you